I was born slightly too late. Had I been born a generation earlier, my invention of the answer machine (aged 8) would have significantly changed the course of my life. No need to mention the Continuously Variable Transmission System, which I invented a few years later. Fortunately, both of these ideas preceded me and I picked up a guitar instead. I left school early to join a band. A world of late nights, early mornings and sleeping at high speed opened up before me. Hotels, strangers’ floors, campfires, broken-down vans, a thousand cheering voices, one man and a dog, half remembered meetings and conversations. Anyone who’s been in a band or been on holiday with friends will have experienced something similar. I’ve been playing guitar for A VERY LONG TIME and writing songs for nearly as long, music has informed almost everything I’ve done, the people I’ve met, where I live and how I spend my time. I’ve played with all sorts of brilliant people over the years; have a look at the links below to see what I’m doing now. FB, YouTube, Soundcloud buttons are at the bottom of the page. Anyone with an interest in manufacturing Variable Geometry Motorcycles should get in touch using the email below.