Ron McElroy


Ron is a tall, quiet man with a voice that resonates through wood.

His second single -Japanese Song, is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

"This song is unlike anything currently in the UK charts. It is a truly unique song that carries one of the catchiest choruses ever heard. It is a musical masterpiece from start to finish; it is a true rock n roll heavyweight anthem."

"If this song was a car it would be the quickest on the road and if it was a girl it would be the best looking girl in the bar. If it was a spirit, it would get you drunk in one shot alone."

Tommy Jones

"World At War, the debut single from solo artist Ron McElroy, displays the guitar prowess of a man destined for big things."

Matty Aston NSR Live


Singer, songwriter and guitar player extraordinaire he’s played a thousand shows for a thousand other people, co-writing songs with Sian Evans (DJ Fresh, Kosheen), and collaborating most recently with people such as Juliette Lewis, and Isabella Summers (Florence + the Machine). Now Ron is stepping out with a feeling of barely concealed urgency and excitement at finally performing under his own name. He has just finished work on his first album -All Her Kisses, due for release in the autumn.